Custom Made Knives by Eugene Schreiner
Art, Hand Etched in Steel
The Knife:
A Functional Work of Art

A message from Eugene Schreiner
      A quality knife does not just happen. It takes a great deal of knowledge, skill and time to shape and temper a blade which will make a knife, a knife that is a work of art and a superb quality instrument. The steel, of course, is the most important and I have studied steel for years, its alloys and what the alloys do in the steel, as well as how to heat treat and temper the steel to obtain the very best possible results from the steel I am using. I like to use ATS-34 stainless steel which I believe has one of the best combination of alloys needed to make a blade with excellent edge holding ability.  It also provides the toughness needed for a working knife, which will need little future care. To insure quality, I do all the tempering in my own shop. Firstly, the steel is heated, then quenched, frozen to over -300F and triple tempered. In all, fourteen hours are spent preparing this steel for a blade. To make this knife special, I will etch hand drawn pictures of your choice onto the blade such as animals, scrolling designs etc. For handles, I have a wide variety of materials, just name it. If  I do not have what you are looking for, I can get it. Inlays can also be put into the handle such as crests badges or emblems. Each knife comes with handcrafted leather case.
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